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By Charlotte Boyett-Compo

ISBN-10: 1592791832

ISBN-13: 9781592791835

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Jaelan's frown deepened as he remembered the blonde going perfectly still in the grip of her captor. Behind his closed eyes, he could see the stricken look that drained her face of color and opened her full lips in shock. He had taken a step toward her just as her eyes rolled up in her head and she slumped in the Chief Slavemaster's arms. "I hear you brought her to the fortress," Aluino remarked. " Jaelan stared at the lush greenery at the far end of the bathing chamber. " Aluino grinned. "So I heard.

Jaelan felt the same way, for he lowered his voice and spoke to the Chief Tribunalist. "This is getting dangerous, Your Grace. Perhaps she should be drugged. " Ksathra watched the Amazeen's brows collide, saw her try to shake her head. " To be drugged was something Orithia feared. Not to be able to have free thought and movement cut a deep swath of horror through her being. These men could do anything to her while she was under the influence of the Rysalian Keeper's hellish pharmacoepia of mind-altering brews, and she would have no way to protect herself.

It had never been Aradia Lykopis' intention to lead this ragtag bunch of malcontents. She would have been happy to let others lead, she to follow. She had, after all, much more to lose than any of the other women. Her mother's ire alone, should she find out what her eldest daughter was about, could be enough to cause Aradia untold misery. Aradia knew her group was necessary. The Elders were growing harsher in their laws: making statues to prevent friendly relations with outsiders; ordering it illegal to leave the tribe and seek companionship outside the strict laws of the Sisterhood.

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