Jr., Cleveland Hickman, Susan Keen, Allan Larson, David's Integrated Principles of Zoology PDF

By Jr., Cleveland Hickman, Susan Keen, Allan Larson, David Eisenhour

ISBN-10: 0072909617

ISBN-13: 9780072909616

This long-awaited revision delivers to keep up the simplest gains of the "classic" zoology textual content, whereas including 8 new professional members and a wealth of latest know-how choices!

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5. Natural selection. Natural selection, Darwin’s most famous theory, rests on three propositions. First, there is variation among organisms (within populations) for anatomical, behavioral, and physiological traits. Second, the variation is at least partly heritable so that offspring tend to resemble their parents. Third, organisms with different variant forms leave different numbers of offspring to future generations. Variants that permit their possessors most effectively to exploit their environments will preferentially survive and be transmitted to future generations.

Animal liberators: research and morality. Berkeley, University of California Press. Thoughtful and carefully researched study of the animal rights movement, its ideological roots, and the passionate idealism of animal rights activists. Figure 1-18 An early nineteenth-century micrographic drawing of sperm from (1) guinea pig, (2) white mouse, (3) hedgehog, (4) horse, (5) cat, (6) ram, and (7) dog (Prévost and Dumas, 1821). Some biologists initially interpreted these as parasitic worms in the semen, but on further examination found them to be male gametes.

The similarity of simian AIDS, identified in rhesus monkeys, to human AIDS has permitted the disease in monkeys to serve as a model for the human disease. Recent work indicates that cats, too, may prove to be useful models for the development of an AIDS vaccine. Skin grafting experiments, first done with cattle and later with other animals, opened a new era in immunological research with vast ramifications for treatment of disease in humans and other animals. Research using animals also has benefited other animals through the | e-Text Main Menu | development of veterinary cures.

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