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By Donald J. Borror

ISBN-10: 0874840538

ISBN-13: 9780874840537

One of many remarkable difficulties of the biologist, even if he be starting pupil or experts, is that of figuring out technical phrases. how you can comprehend and keep in mind technical phrases is to appreciate first their part elements, or roots. This dictionary has been designed basically to satisfy the wishes of the start scholar, the scientific pupil, and the taxonomist, however it can be of worth to all biologists.

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A clasp, buckle fatu (L). Foolish, silly fie, «ation (L). Make, making fauc, «es, -i (L). The throat faun (My). Faunus, god of agri­ fie, -o, «us (L). The fig fide, fav, favill, culture -o,«a«us and (L). (L). the Embers shepherds A honeycomb fidi figur, figul, fil, fidic,-i, (L). -1, «a -in «a -o, -n (L). A (L). (L). «urn (L). lute A A A(L). Faithful, potter form, luteAplayer figure thread trusting Γ 40 fill, -a (L). A son or daughter fili, -c, -x (L). A fern fim, «us (L). Dung fimbri, «a (L). A fringe, fibers fin, -a, -i (L).

An actor hod, -o, «us (G). A way, path hoi, -o (G). Whole hole, -o (G). A furrow, trail; attractive; a grain Dictionary of Word Roots holothur, -i, «um (G). A kind of zoophyte horn, -eo, -o, -oeo, -oio (G). Like, same, alike horn, -in, «o (L). Man homalo (G). Even, level homar (OF). A lobster homeo (G). Like, resembling, alike homin, -i (L). Man «homo (L). Man homo, -eo, -io (G). Like, resembling, alike hopl, -i, -o, «um (G). Armor, weapons hople (G). A hoof hoplist (G). Armed hoplit (G). Heavily armed hoplo, hoplum (G).

Empty inca (IV). Of Peru incan (L). Hoary, gray incert (L). uncertain incest (L). Impure, sinful, polluted incho (L). Begin incil, -i (L). A ditch; cut in incis (L). Cut in, cut into incol, «a (L). An inhabitant incrass (L). Thickened incu, -d, *s (L). An anvil incub (L). Lie upon •index (L). That which points out indi (L). In; indigo indie (L). That which points out; Indian; indigo indi g (Sp). Deep violet blue indi gen (L). Native; need, want indo (L). Of India; indigo indu, -t (L). Clothe; clothed industri (L).

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