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V. s. ihJPO)': adj. (h«1*]^: adj. Etli. false, lying, deceitful, untrue. plur. fl: spare, to save,to withhold. deception, n — m^: ihflf: ITJ: AiWi: ) rhHT: and xlix. 11. illrt't": 14 to repent; to jlfi_g"qa:s. a house built of stone and clay, a fat roof. The mere flat roof also times so called. : is with some- Vid. v. new. •ntf^'S': rin^ and the New," sc. e. Bible. " pi, Heb. pn Ar. A«l:s. Eth. Ai3:J'r

Xl. 3 A^- and -rAfDm:: of AflDfn: inf. insiruniPnt, Ezek. change, exchange, alteration, substitution, bar- commerce, ter, trade, Gen. and "sale, xxiii. 18 •F':^A^: o^A^P: s. : sc. e. '''' for ou/^p-*^-:: the parting, separa- tion, division. "OAP'I': inf good. aoAYl't': MALACAT, Esther very good. current in X^^O messenger. ^'^^Yjf: s. governor of any place or district. 0"AViVi«JD: and 00^11 Vl 7": a. (amplifica- fl)'5*: ctoaYI: not often used. id. s. : iv. 9. tion of 'Pti'P*: Ministry, ministration, the two ministrations, spirit.

The baldness. s. OTj/h'ry^: and the hair, to have the hair falling out. 'VV: adj. Vid. V. a. to fall out (used •"^AfT): . : *"'fhA: scorn, joke, jest, j)lay. troAlT--: o«AlK-: infin. and jest; . a bracelet of brass, which (in Shoa) the soldiers that have killed a Galla in war troyvlP: 9D^T: ) inf. of oo^i'i: and-ToiOArt:: the return, conversion. o«JUJCJP: 0000^1^ the mefins, instrument, or place of s. : ( return, restoration or conversion. aTj^l\\l: of i'vt'DAin" inf. or servingGod, dh'ine service, reH(jious exercises, — "IfJ-^'T: religion.

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