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The prior decade has obvious large advances within the kinds and purposes of mass spectrometry in all components of technological know-how. With this development has come a bewildering array of names, technical phrases and abbreviations, making it a problem to maintain up-to-date.This Dictionary is a place to begin for all these new to the subject, in addition to a useful reference on terminology for these already within the box. absolutely illustrated in complete color, the Dictionary will reduction scientists from all disciplines in turning into familiar with the language and terminology of mass spectrometry.The Dictionary should be a vital reference resource for:experienced clients as an aide memoir or while looking explanation of terminologypurchasers of apparatus who desire an evidence of the technical phrases utilized in manufacturer's brochures and manualspotential MS clients who need a definition of an strange device or process.

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These are typical of tandem MS with instruments having magnetic or TOF analysers and usually involve single collisions. 30 msec Diagram of Stepped Normalized Collision Energy Activation, a method to improve product ion formation in an ion trap. 99 The fragmentation of an ion by collision with an inert gas or neutral molecule or with a surface. The event is usually designed to take place at controlled energies in a collision cell with a specifically chosen precursor ion giving rise to one or more product ions.

Units can be weight per volume or molarity. concentration-dependent detection Some ionisation processes are dependent on the concentration of the sample being introduced whereas others depend on the mass flow of material. ESI is concentration dependent except at low flow rates, while APCI is mass flow dependent. See also mass-flow-dependent detection conductance The ratio of throughput to the pressure differential between two specified isobaric sections inside the pumping system, under steady-state conservation conditions.

Dried droplet method A method for sample preparation for MALDI MS. A solution containing the matrix compound and the analytes is deposited on the sample stage and allowed to evaporate in a stream of air or nitrogen. The technique can be used for other variations of the laser desorption and ionisation technique. See also vacuum evaporation method, fast evaporation method, sandwich method. droplets, electrospray see electrospray drying gas An inert gas introduced into the spray region of spray-based AP sources to assist evaporation of the solvent from the droplets formed.

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