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By Ian Shaw

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This dictionary offers these learning or operating in archaeology with an entire connection with the sector.

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Since much of this stimulus came from the schools of History in the new African universities and African studies institutions world-wide (in contrast to the ‘prehistoric’ tradition of most Stone Age research), archaeologists working in Africa have become conscious of two ‘camps’; and gatherings of Africanist archaeologists have in recent years witnessed an increasing Iron Age representation (with some of the contributions being of essentially local historical rather than continental interest, or else heavily concerned with demonstrating regional cultures, their ceramics and their dating by radiocarbon).

Originally, Camps claimed the pottery from Amekni at 8050 ± 80 BP was the oldest in the Sahara, and there were other sites in the same time bracket, which encouraged the idea of independent invention. P. Roset has located even older sites (none with evidence of domestication) in the vicinity of Adrar Bous, and also at Tagalagal 200 km to the southwest where pottery with dotted wavy line decoration is dated to 9370 ± 130 BP. Although the ‘lacustrine tradition’ is for the most part confined to the early Holocene, as in the Taoudenni basin, the McIntoshes emphasize that the ‘old Saharan life-style’ carried on later at 16 AFRICA some favourable localities, such as Kobadi and the lower levels at DAIMA, where however the inhabitants also kept domestic cattle.

D. Clark: The prehistory of Africa (London, 1970); R. D. W. W. T. G. Sutton: A thousand years of East Africa (Nairobi, 1990). JS 4 Southern Africa Southern Africa is a subcontinent of contrasts. Climatically, rainfall is the most important factor, with a winter rainfall pattern dominant in its southwestern corner. Over the remaining western third of South Africa rainfall may fall all year round, but is high only along the coast; the rest of the subcontinent has a summer rainfall régime, with precipitation highest over its eastern half.

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