Lin M., Schalk L.'s Dictionary of 1,000 Chinese Idioms PDF

By Lin M., Schalk L.

ISBN-10: 0781808200

ISBN-13: 9780781808200

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Fondling: (n) caressing, pet, caress, cuddling, dalliance, foreplay, stimulation, indulgence, darling, kissing, necking. hussy: (n) strumpet, trollop, fornicatress, adulteress, tramp, female, baggage, Trull, minx, quean, huswife. mastership: (n) dominion, command, situation, office, skill, superiority, excellence, knack, masterdom; (adj) panurgy. mumble: (n, v) murmur, whisper, hum, rumble; (v) grumble, chew, mutter, jabber, talk, utter, verbalize. pocketknife: (n) jackknife, knife, pocket knife, clasp knife, switchblade, jack knife.

The rain and thunder were booming yet, and the anxious family were still waiting, still hoping. At last there was a knock at the door, and the family jumped to open it. Two Negro men entered, each carrying a trunk, and proceeded upstairs toward the guest room. Then entered the twins--the handsomest, the best dressed, the most distinguished-looking pair of young Thesaurus courtly: (adj) civil, stately, polite, lowly. elegant, gallant, dignified, respectful, neighbor: (v) abut, adjoin, populate, noble, formal; (adj, n) refined; (adv) touch; (n) acquaintance, wooly.

Dignity; (v) up to the mark. fluently: (adv) easily, glibly, ANTONYM: (adj) abysmal. Mark Twain 43 of its sublime and supreme joy. % When Rowena had at last done all her duty by the people in the parlor, she went upstairs to satisfy the longings of an overflow meeting there, for the parlor was not big enough to hold all the comers. Again she was besieged by eager questioners, and again she swam in sunset seas of glory. When the forenoon was nearly gone, she recognized with a pang that this most splendid episode of her life was almost over, that nothing could prolong it, that nothing quite its equal could ever fall to her fortune again.

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