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INTRODUZIONE Se queste mie word vedranno un giorno l. a. luce è perché io ebbi los angeles precauzione di metterle in salvo prima che i tedeschi, con un basso tranello, si fossero impadroniti della mia personality. Non period nelle mie intenzioni – allorché redigevo questi frettolosi appunti – di darli alle stampe così come erano: intendevo piuttosto fissare eventi, particolari, dati, che un giorno avrebbero dovuto servirmi, se il Cielo mi avesse concesso una serena vecchiaia, quali elementi in line with scrivere i ricordi della mia vita. Non costituiscono dunque un libro, ma piuttosto los angeles materia prima con los angeles quale il libro avrebbe dovuto più tardi venir composto. Ma forse in questa stessa scheletricità, nella assoluta mancanza di superfluo è il pregio di questi miei diari. Gli avvenimenti sono in essi fotografati senza ritocco, e le impressioni sono le major, le più actual ...

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Forbes, "TheManipulationof Race, Caste, and Identity--ClassifyingAfroamericans,NativeAmericansand Red-BlackPeople,"Journalof EthnicStudies17 (1990): 1-51. 17. AlthoughgenerallyOrientalistin its politics,LouisDumont'sHomoHierarchicus:The Caste System and Its Implications,trans. Basia Gulati(Chicago:Universityof Chicago Press, 1981)remainsthe most accessible study of the social functionalismof the Indian caste system. Foran analysis of the colonial/Orientalist constructionof caste, see Bernard S.

I have alreadynotedthat mulatois the most importantracialmarkerforForbes'sstudy. Itis notsurprisingthatthereis nota single"poststructuralist" bookin Forbes'sbibliography. "(95). "What"manner" is it? "Whatis it "to be colored,"then? It is almost as if, if one speculatesthe originof identity,one is boundto be washed up on the uncertainshores of deconstruction: "Bymeans of color,we experi12. FriedrichNietzsche, "OnTruthand Lyingin an Extra-Moral Sense,"in FriedrichNietzsche on Rhetoricand Language,ed.

WJTM:But I wonder about the opposite side. Suppose politics is just politics. Or is nothing but the art and craft of producing power. To what extent does politics need your kindof aesthetic sensibility,your kindof formalism, to be authentic politics? EWS: Now, that's a very good question, because, in the end, you see, if you get stuck in the trap into which Foucault inserted himself and was never able to get out except by exitingthroughsubjectivityand the care of the self and all the rest of it, which to me, is uninteresting,then you have to regard politics as not just the production/reductionof power but also as constituting a very complex and rich tapestry of historical experience.

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