Das waren die deutschen Stuka-Asse, 1939-1945 by Georg Brutting PDF

By Georg Brutting

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Manner. html 11 Proto-Indo-European Syntax: Chapter 2: The Syntax of Simple Sentences Among the adverbial elements which are most diverse in surface forms are those referring to manner. Various cases are used, as follows. The accusative is especially frequent with adjectives, such as Skt. kṣiprám ‘quickly’, bahú ‘greatly’, nyák ‘downward’. The instrumental is also used, in the plural, as in Skt. máhobhiḥ ‘mightily’, as well as in the singular, sáhasā ‘suddenly’. Similar to the expression of manner is the instrumental used to express the sense of accompaniment: 62.

His ideas foreshadow many of those presented here, though without an explicit syntactic framework and explicit formalism concerned with the underlying syntactic patterns. These ideas he based on his analyses of many languages, some of them OV. The following sections will demonstrate how the nominal modifying constructions of PIE can be accounted for by assuming that it was an OV language. 2. Relative Constructions in the Early Dialects. As Delbrück observed (1871:33-34), relative clauses of various kinds are found in Vedic.

ZÍRaš kuiš I̯ À ŠAH karapi BEL I̯ À wemii̯ azzi if dog which meat pig it-eats owner meat it-finds The interpretation of the karapi clause as a relative construction is supported by the position of the clauseintroductory particles nu ... nu. For these particles are used to mark matrix sentences, particularly when the head noun is referred to within them, as is ‘dog’ with the enclitic particle an in the first clause of the matrix: nankan kuenzi. In this way passages in Old Hittite texts illustrate dependent clauses of the kind found in OV languages like Japanese, as well as older forms of relative clauses like those found in Vedic.

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