Daisy Miller (Webster's Korean Thesaurus Edition) by Henry James PDF

By Henry James

ISBN-10: 0497913844

ISBN-13: 9780497913847

ISBN-10: 1423795725

ISBN-13: 9781423795728

This variation is written in English. even though, there's a working Korean word list on the backside of every web page for the tougher English phrases highlighted within the textual content. there are lots of variants of Daisy Miller. This variation will be necessary if you happen to might li

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Pretext: 구실, 변명, 변병. favorable: 유리한, 유망한, 호의적인, queer: 수상한, 가짜돈, 몸이 좋지 호의를 보이는. 않은, 비역쟁이, 기묘한, 술취한, functionary: 기능의, 직원, 관리. 부정한, 우스운, 결딴내다, 기분 나쁜, habits: 버릇, 습관. 술에 취한. hornpipe: 나무피리, 혼파이프. vaulted: 아치형의, 아치형 천장의, linger: 어정거리다, 질질 끌다, 오래 둥근 천장으로 된, 아치 모양 머물다, 나중에까지 남다, 천장으로 된. ” The history of Bonivard had evidently, as they say, gone into one ear and out of the other. But Daisy went on to say that she wished Winterbourne would travel with them and “go round” with them; they might know something, in that case.

Randolph exclaimed. ” he added jocosely, giving Winterbourne a thump on the knee. ” Daisy had entered upon a lively conversation with her hostess; Winterbourne judged it becoming to address a few words to her mother. “I hope you have been well since we parted at Vevey,” he said. Mrs. Miller now certainly looked at him—at his chin. “Not very well, sir,” she answered. “She’s got the dyspepsia,” said Randolph. “I’ve got it too. Father’s got it. ” This announcement, instead of embarrassing Mrs. Miller, seemed to relieve her.

Penny-a-liner: 삼류 문인. practiced: 잘하는, 경험있는, 숙련한, 연습을 거듭한. profundity: 깊음, 심연, 심오, 깊이, 깊은속, 오묘. rendezvous: 랑데부, 회합, 집합하다, 집합, 집결, 약속한 장소에서 만나다, 랑데부하다, 만나다, 만날 약속, 지정집결지, 회합장소. simplify: 간단하게 하다, 단일하게 하다. spurious: 가짜의, 사생아의, 그럴싸한, 비논리적인, 의사의. urbane: 세련된, 품위 있는, 점잖은, 도회적인, 예의 바른, 도시풍의, 정중한. ” That she should seem to wish to get rid of him would help him to think more lightly of her, and to be able to think more lightly of her would make her much less perplexing. % She had been walking some quarter of an hour, attended by her two cavaliers, and responding in a tone of very childish gaiety, as it seemed to Winterbourne, to the pretty speeches of Mr.

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