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By Jean Pierre Serre

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Only if we take a historical perspective to the application of social science can we begin to understand the application of social science to the current problem; and, initially, we are all part of this history. It is not enough to see deficit ‘theorists’ as defenders of American or British liberalism. We have to account for who they were and what they did. And this holds for those who reacted against this work and the form of the reaction. In order to understand this, we have to know about the hierarchical structuring of research problems, about the divorce of theory from practice, the nature of theory and the form of socialization into the various disciplines of social science.

I take deficit ‘theory’ to be a set of propositions which attempt to account for educational failure by locating its origins solely in surface features of the child’s family and local community. The unit of such theory is a child and the distinguishing features are indices of a pathology. The only historical aspects of such theories tend to be developmental aspects of the child. Perhaps one can call such theories abstracted geneticist. The changes which flow from such theories are usually limited to changes either within the family or within the local teacher-taught relationships.

If he is initially at position 4, then the situation is more difficult both for the child and for the school. If a family understands the means whereby the instrumental order is transmitted (the day-byday procedures involved in the acquisition of specific skills) then the parents can help to support the child at the level of means. This does not mean that the family accepts the goals of the instrumental order. Similarly, a family may understand the means whereby the expressive order is transmitted (the day-by-day procedures whereby the moral order of the school becomes available to the child) but this does not mean that the family accepts the goals or ends of the expressive order.

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