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Simply obtainable contains fresh advancements Assumes little or no wisdom of differentiable manifolds and sensible research specific emphasis on subject matters regarding reflect symmetry (SUSY, Kaehler-Einstein metrics, Tian-Todorov lemma)

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Let U C C n be an open subset. Thus, U can in particular be considered as a 2n-dimensional real manifold. For x 6 U we have its real tangent space TXU at the point x which is of real dimension In. , zn = xn + iyn are the standard coordinates on C™. Moreover, the vectors ^ - , . . , -^— are global trivializing sections of TU. Each tangent space TXU admits a natural almost complex structure defined by T . rp TT l . lxu rp JJ *-±xv, J) Qx. _d_ I *• 9 y . , _d_ 9 y . d i 9 x i , which is compatible with the global trivialization.

Xn,yn = I(xn) as above, a straightforward calculation yields n\ • ujn = vol, where ui is the associated fundamental form. 9 for a far reaching generalization of this. e. A{/\ V*) C /\ ~ V*. Moreover, one has A = *~1 o L o *. Proof. The first assertion follows from the fact that L is of degree two and that f\* V* = 0 f\k V* is orthogonal. By definition of the Hodge ^-operator one has (a, L(3) -vol = (L(3, a) -vol = L/3 A *a = oj A j3 A *a = j3 A (UJ A *a) = (/3, *" 1 (L(*a))) • vol. Recall that ( , )c had been defined as the hermitian extension to V<£ of the scalar product ( , ) on V*.

2 / / / is an almost complex structure on a real vector space V, then V admits in a natural way the structure of a complex vector space. Proof. The C-module structure on V is defined by (a + ib) • v = a • v + b • I(v), where a, b £ M. The M-linearity of I and the assumption I2 = —id yield ((a + ib){c + id)) • v = (a + ib)((c + id) • v) and in particular i(i • v) = —v. • Thus, almost complex structures and complex structures are equivalent notions for vector spaces. In particular, an almost complex structure can only exist on an even dimensional real vector space.

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