Complete Idiot's Guide to Green Living by Trish Riley PDF

By Trish Riley

ISBN-10: 1592576621

ISBN-13: 9781592576623

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X Our Earth is under siege from current industrial and agricultural practices. X The quality of the earth’s natural resources affects our bodies and our health. X Many of our energy-generating activities and other industries damage our natu- ral resources. X We can help protect our natural resources by preventing contamination of air, soil, and water. X This is the framework of our task to begin living in harmony. % 3 1VO^bS` AcabOW\OPZS:WdW\U 7\BVWa1VO^bS` X “Sustainability” and our future X Some common unsustainable practices X The difference between sustainable and unsustainable resources X Sustainable approaches to building and energy We hear a lot about sustainability in the context of green living and the changes we need to make to protect ourselves from the effects of global warming.

Please remember that your vote counts! cOZWbg Water is another basic requirement for all life. cOZWbg/TTSQbabVS3O`bVO\R=c`0]RWSa Close your eyes and think about the last time water provided its signature refreshment to your body—when you drank pure, fresh mountain-stream water, perhaps, or when you dove into a cool, clear, spring-fed pool. Water inundates your body, seeping in through all your cells—we’re 90 percent water and require a minimum eight glasses a day. Scientists now believe that we could avoid many diseases if we consumed more than that each day.

WCI’s first green model home, called Geni G in the Evergrene Community in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida, gave potential buyers the chance to see what carpet made from soda bottles—and not formaldehyde—looks and smells like. The yard, certified as native by the Florida Yards and Neighborhoods program, features plants whose flowers attract butterflies and fragrant herbs instead of thirsty, pesticide-, fertilizer-, and herbicide-dependent turf. Sidewalks and driveways are made with pavers spaced slightly apart to allow water to drain back into the soil and aquifer instead of sewers (water that washes oil-stained driveways is a major source of water pollution).

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