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By James Stewart, Lothar Redlin, Saleem Watson

ISBN-10: 0534405991

ISBN-13: 9780534405991

James Stewart, writer of the global, best-selling Calculus texts, in addition to of his former Ph.D. scholars, Lothar Redlin and Saleem Watson, collaborated in scripting this textual content to handle an issue they often observed of their calculus classes: many scholars weren't ready to imagine mathematically yet tried in its place to memorize evidence and mimic examples. university Algebra used to be written in particular to assist scholars discover ways to imagine mathematically and to increase precise problem-solving talents. This accomplished, lightly paced publication highlights the authors' dedication to encouraging conceptual realizing. To enforce this objective, Stewart, Redlin, and Watson contain expertise, the rule of thumb of 4, real-world functions, and prolonged initiatives and writing workouts to reinforce a significant center of basic talents.

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X 2y c4d 3 d 2 3 ᎏ 46. ᎏ cd 2 @! 295643 ϫ 109 71. 511 ϫ 106Ô Óxy 2z 3Ô4 47. ᎏ Óx 3y 2zÔ3 xy Ϫ2zϪ3 Ϫ3 48. 6341 ϫ 1028Ô 72. 0000000019 qϪ1rsϪ2 Ϫ1 49. ᎏ ᎏ@ rϪ5sqϪ8 2a 2b 50. ᎏᎏ @ c3 70. 01582Ô 73. 542 ϫ 10Ϫ6Ô9 74. 05 ϫ 104Ô12 30 CHAPTER P Prerequisites 75. Let a, b, and c be real numbers with a Ͼ 0, b Ͻ 0, and c Ͻ 0. Determine the sign of each expression. 9, while a person with body-mass index B Ն 30 is considered obese. (a) Calculate the body-mass index for each person listed in the table, then determine whether he or she is of normal weight, underweight, overweight, or obese.

In doing this we multiply the given quantity by 1, so we do not change its value. For instance, 1 1 ᎏ ϭ ᎏ œaෆ œaෆ и1ϭ 1 ᎏ œaෆ и œaෆ œaෆ ᎏ ϭ ᎏ a œaෆ Note that the denominator in the last fraction contains no radical. In general, if the ෆ with m Ͻ n, then multiplying the numerator and denominator is of the form œn aෆm ෆm ෆ will rationalize the denominator, because Ófor a Ͼ 0Ô denominator by œn aෆnϪ nϪm ෆ œn aෆnϪ ෆm ෆ ϭ œn aෆm ෆϩ ෆෆ ෆ ϭ œn aෆnෆ ϭ a œn aෆm Example 6 Rationalizing Denominators Rationalize the denominator in each fraction.

How many molecules of oxygen are there in the room? 82. Body-Mass Index The body-mass index is a measure that medical researchers use to determine whether a person is overweight, underweight, or of normal weight. 79 Discovery • Discussion 84. How Big Is a Billion? If you have a million Ó106Ô dollars in a suitcase, and you spend a thousand Ó103Ô dollars each day, how many years would it take you to use all the money? Spending at the same rate, how many years would it take you to empty a suitcase filled with a billion Ó109Ô dollars?

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