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This version is written in English. even if, there's a operating Chinese-Traditional glossary on the backside of every web page for the more challenging English phrases highlighted within the textual content. there are lots of variants of amassed Works of Poe, quantity IV. This editi

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She had a crotchet, but it was instinct with common sense, and gave pleasure to all who had the honor of her acquaintance. She found, upon mature deliberation, that, by some accident, she had been turned into a chicken-cock; but, as such, she behaved with propriety. She flapped her wings with prodigious effect--so--so--and, as for her crow, it was Chinese Simplified absolute: 绝对, 绝对的. absurd: 荒谬, 岂有此理, 不合理的, 荒唐, 荒谬的, 妄图. behaved: 表现. ceased: 停止. composite: 综合, 合成物. converted: 转换. deliberation: 审议, 熟思, 考虑.

Pumpkin: 南瓜. rapidity: 迅速. rolled: 卷. rudely: 无礼, 粗鲁地. sharp: 尖锐, 锐利, 锋利的, 锋利. teeth: 牙齿, 牙. thumb: 拇指, 巨擘, 大拇指. truly: 真实地, 未免, 着实. withdrew: 取出. Edgar Allan Poe 45 “Ha! ha! ” said that gentleman--”he! he! --hi! hi! --ho! ho! --hu! hu! hu! --very good indeed! ” “And then,” said some other one of the party,--”then there was Bouffon Le Grand--another extraordinary personage in his way. He grew deranged through love, and fancied himself possessed of two heads. One of these he maintained to be the head of Cicero; the other he imagined a composite one, being Demosthenes’ from the top of the forehead to the mouth, and Lord Brougham’s from the mouth to the chin.

Soothing: 安慰性. stupidity: 愚昧. touches: 接触. usages: 用法. Edgar Allan Poe 39 understanding or discretion of a madman, is to gain him body and soul. ” “Very rarely. Now and then, the malady of some individual growing to a crisis, or taking a sudden turn of fury, we conveyed him to a secret cell, lest his disorder should infect the rest, and there kept him until we could dismiss him to his friends--for with the raging maniac we have nothing to do. ” “Decidedly. The system had its disadvantages, and even its dangers.

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