Download e-book for kindle: Check Your English Vocabulary for Living in the UK by By (author) Rawdon Wyatt

By By (author) Rawdon Wyatt

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Payment Your Vocabulary for dwelling within the united kingdom is a brand new name within the variety which makes a speciality of the typical English vocabulary required for would-be British electorate and folks for whom English is a moment language who are looking to stay, research and paintings within the united kingdom.

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A __________ is someone who makes decisions in a court of law (for example, in a Crown Court, he / she may send someone to prison). The __________ is the official organisation in England and Wales that decides whether the police have found enough evidence to have a court case against someone. A __________ is a special type of court for people under 18 who have been accused of doing something wrong. A __________ is someone who the police believe may have committed a crime (it can also be a verb: to __________ someone of something).

A) Interpret government law (b) Decide if a law contravenes our human rights (c) Create or change a law by the decisions they make in particular cases (d) Challenge the legality of a law passed by Parliament 3. Judgements in law are usually based on previous similar cases What must a judge do, however, if there has not been a similar case to the one he / she is judging? (a) Make his / her own judgement (b) Ask Parliament to make the judgement for him / her (c) Apply to the Queen for a judgement (d) Cancel the case 4.

A council house is: (a) A house owned by the local council, for which tenants pay a low rent. (b) The main administrative building where a council has its offices. 9. Corrie is: (a) An affectionate name for British television's longest-running soap opera, Coronation Street. (b) An affectionate name given to anyone who comes from Wales. 10. A cuppa is: (a) An informal word for a cup of tea. (b) An informal word for a policeman / woman. 11. Crufts is: (a) The name of a competition for dogs that takes place every year in the UK.

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