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But even in circumstances in which a substantial number of potential adoptees 33 Levy and Lotz argue for this extensively by saying, plausibly, that i) such parents are misguided about the real nature of genetic identity, and ii) that allowing cloning will reinforce such misguidedness. An Argument Against Cloning 557 remain family-less, some, and maybe many, instances of cloning would not harm them. When cloning is legal people who clone but who would not have adopted had they not cloned, do no harm, in the sense that there is nobody who would be better off if they had decided not to clone.

19 And this approach need not generate an illiberal theory (unless liberalism is identified with a very strong anti-perfectionism). If liberals are right that there is a powerful 18 See Joseph Raz, The Morality of Freedom (Oxford: Oxford University Press 1986), 181-2, but see also all of chapters 7, 8, and 10. See also Neil MacCormick, Legal Right and Social Democracy (Oxford: Oxford University Press 1982) for another version of the interests theory of rights. 19 John Rawls, Justice as Fairness, 104-15; 148-52 An Argument Against Cloning 549 interest in being able to reflect critically on one’s own values and to act on the results of those reflections, then a conventionally liberal array of rights is likely to be justified.

First, demand for something is never strong evidence for the existence of an interest (in the moral sense) because people can frequently pursue goals that do not serve their interests. Second, the rise of the reproductive assistance industry has coincided with a decline in the ready availability of non-disabled adoptive children because of the wide availability of abortion in Western European countries. Anecdotal evidence suggests that some people seem to choose reproductive assistance because it is less intrusive than adoption, because adoption agencies place child-welfare-related restrictions on the behavior of adoptive parents, and scrutinize the quality of their family life, whereas parents may treat their genetic children as they will.

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