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An instructive case is the mina, first mentioned in known literature by Hipponax of Ephesus (fr. 94 It will be seen at once that nearly all the borrowings are of the kind that are made when ' a district or a people is in possession of some special thing or product wanted by some other nation and not produced in that country. Here quite naturally the name used by the natives is taken over along with the thing. ' 95 The analogy is with our tea from Chinese and coffee from Arabic. Thus we get the early words for gold (imported into Greece before the Thasos and Pangaeum mines were opened up) and for ivory, later for jasper.

Punic Ibnt, Royal Aramaic Ibwnh. Cambridge Histories Online © Cambridge University Press, 2008 26 }6a. THE GREEKS IN THE NEAR EAST ixvppa, myrrh. Cf. Canaanite gloss (Amarna letters) mu-ur-ra, Ugaritic mr, Hebrew mor, Royal Aramaic mwr, Accadian murru, all derived from the Semitic root mrr, to be bitter. xdSos, wine-jar. Cf. Ugaritic kd, Punic kd, Royal Aramic kd, Hebrew kad. I$IKOS, big pot with handles. Possibly related to royal Aramaic bq, potsherd. C. 8t\ros, writing-tablet. Cf. Phoenician dlt, Hebrew delet.

Sennacherib... And he also built the temple of the Athenians [sic], erected bronze pillars, and in inscriptions indeed, so he says, he had engraved his great deeds. He also rebuilt Tarson according to the plan and pattern of Babylon, so that the river Cydnus might flow through Tarson as the Euphrates flows through Babylon.. ,67 Despite their involved pedigree, not much seems to have gone wrong in the transmission of these two passages, apart from the incidental nonsense about the 'temple of the Athenians'.

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