Burrowing Shrimps and Seagrass Dynamics in Shallow-Water by Hildie Maria E. Nacorda PDF

By Hildie Maria E. Nacorda

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In accordance with study in Bolinao, this ebook assesses the significance of small-scale disturbance by means of burrowing shrimps. It covers the distribution of burrowing shrimp disturbance, the habit of the snapping shrimp Alpheus macellarius in situ and as saw from tank experiments, and the consequences of non permanent burial and leaf clipping at the progress styles of the dominant seagrass Thalassia hemprichii. The booklet examines the function of bioturbation by means of burrowing shrimps in seagrass meadows, foraging concepts of A. macellarius and its mutualistic symbiosis with Cryptocentrus spp., shrimp disturbance and T. hemprichii, and small-scale disturbance and large-scale dynamics.

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W. 1998. Sediment turnover estimates for the mud shrimp Callianassa subterranea (Montagu) (Thalassinidea) and its influence upon resuspension in the North Sea. Continental Shelf Research 18: 1365-1380. D. 2000. Quantification of early diagenisis: dissolved constituents in marine pore water. D. 85-128. Springer, Berlin. , and Marsh, H. 2007. Seagrass as pasture for seacows: landscape-level dugong habitat evaluation. Estuarine, Coastal and Shelf Science 71: 117132. R. J. 1995. Biometry, the principles and practice of statistics in biological research, 3rd ed.

We noted, however, that the unvegetated substrates had other shrimp-goby associations that accounted for the observed increase and not by the A. macellarius–Cryptocentrus sp. symbiosis that occurred in the seagrass beds. In Site 6 (Malilnep), for instance, we found occurrences of two banded Alpheus sp. individuals that alternated in expelling chela-loads of burrow sediment, and recognized the prawn goby C. polyophthalmus guarding several burrows. 043 1 91 9 + – + – Burrow opening density Sand mound density Shaft/ pit density H.

Djiboutensis–C. singapurensis (Nakasone and Manthachitra 1986, Manthachitra and Sudara 1988). Densities of burrow openings were less than those reported by Bradshaw (1997) from reefal sediments of Phuket. 5 0 12 12 seagrass only 24 36 + A. macellarius + thalassinidean shrimp 24 36 Figure 5. Vertical distribution profiles of mean grain size µ (as φ, ± SEM) in undisturbed (2) and shrimp-disturbed sediments of Sites 5 (Silaki) and 12 (Rufina) (Bolinao-Anda region). independent of the exact species.

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