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E. niga - barley-fed. f. " g. - grass-fed. G . WOOL AND GOAT-HAIR a. siki &,(GI) - wool of the native sheep. b. LUM) - wool of the long-fleeced sheep. ~ ) ~of~ the Shimashkian sheep. c. -~wool d. siki kur(-ra) - wool of the foreignlmountain sheep. e. siki gi6 - wool of the black sheep. f. siki gir-gul - wool (plucked with) the aritu-knife. g. siki mug - wool of poor/inferior quality. h. siki iiz - goat-hair. NOTES Abbreviations used are those of the Chicago Assyrian Distionary and the Philadelphia Sumerian Dictionary with the following additions: BAOM Bulletin of the Ancient Orient Museum (Tokyo) CMET Catalogo del Museo Egizio di Torino (TurinJMilan) Gomi-Sato, NSAT T.

Niga (BIN 3 539:ll); 1ug S. (FAOS 16 1168:5); 1 sila4 S. (Jones-Snyder 32:l); 1 sila4 S. , 1 udu S. gig-du, 4 US S. (AUCT 1 301:4-6 = StOr 9 no. 26); 2 udu 1 sila4 1ug S. (AUCT 2 366 i 7); 2 udu S. gig-du (FAOS 16 1052 iii 25), 5 sila4 S. (ibid. iv lo), 13 kirll S. (ibid. iv 18); 1 udu g. gig-du, 4 ug S. (Fish, Catalogue 295:7-8). See Reisner, Telloh 27; Lau, OBTC 161; ITT 4 7048:l-2 (a-Sag4 dabs-ba sipad udu-gir,, dabs-ba sipad udu-gukkal). a-Sagq See UET 3 1504 ii 23, 26, iii 7, 1505 ii 35, 39, iii 17.

83 line 33, p. 91 line 3'). Assuming that kurkurrgnu derives from kurkurru, a type of bulky jarY121this term could describe an animal with a swollen or enlarged belly, and should be translated "pot-bellied" or the like. Stcinkeller Sheep and goat terminology in Ur I11 sources from Drehem Grades of quality 'I'he following terms grade sheep and goats according to type of feed and feeding rates: a) niga sigg, "barley-fed, top quality (first grade);122 b) niga sigg-us, "barley-fed, top quality, next grade"; c) niga 3-kam-us, "barley-fed, third grade"; d) niga 4-kam-us, "barley-fed, fourth grade"; e) niga, "barle~-fed";l~~ f) niga gud-e-us-sa,"barley-fed, 'following the oxen"'; g) u, "grass-fed";124 6 The basic distinction is between barley-fed and grass-fed animals.

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