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You are now curious about the SeaMaiden. If not, tum to 153. Having thanked you profusely for freeing them, they retum the favour by givin8 you any information they can that may help you. They know nothing about the Pirates of the Black Skull but do know the Mask Zombies' secret the masks themselves imbue the Zombies with Quezkari's power, and if removed the uadead become severely weakened. Knowing this, if you ever find yourself in combat with Mask Zombies, rather than fighting them in the usual way, you can try to remove their tribal masks.

Roll threedice and add 6 to the ftrmber rolled. ,tum to 2o4. 24 'That is co ect. Congtatulations,' says Calabrius, with a forced smile, and reluctantly hands you a bag containing 10 Gold Pieces. ) With your a2j As somr as you touch the treasuJe you feel a tingling s€nsationin your fingertips. Looking down in horror, vou see that your hands are turning to gold and you areno longer able to move them! There is nothing you can do as the transformation proceeds to affect your arms and soon your entire body.

Ffyou arc Ur ucky, tufn to 264. a76 Clambering onto the statue, you folce your sword into an eye-socket. mouth. Being so close to it you cannot avoid your head being surrounded by the cloud of gas. You pass out ard fall onto the chamber floor. Death soon follows. 177 What sort o{ weapon are you using? If it is made of bone and you know how to awaken the power witrin it, convert the lette$ in its name into numbers using the code A=1, B=2, C=3 up to 2=26, add the nrrmbers together and then tum to that paragraph.

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by Daniel

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