Beyond the Third Dimension: Geometry, Computer Graphics, and - download pdf or read online

By Thomas F. Banchoff

ISBN-10: 0716750252

ISBN-13: 9780716750253

This paintings investigates methods of picturing and knowing dimensions less than and above our personal. What might a two-dimensional universe be like? How will we even try to photograph gadgets of 4, 5 or 6 dimensions? Such are the questions tested during this textual content.

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The areas of the pieces add up to the area of the original square, namely (p + (/)2. /*/ p+q P'l A gooinotric interpretation of the square of a hmomial SCALING AND MEASUREMENT There is a similar pattern relating the volume of a cube having side length p + (/ in three-space to the third power of the binomial p + (/. The algebraic procedure is direct enough: [p + q)3 = [p + q)[p + q)2 = pip + q)2 + q(p + q)2 = p(p2 + 2pq + q2) + q[p2 + 2pq + q2] = (p3 + 2p2q + pq2) + {qp2 + 2pq2 + q3) = p3 + 3p2q + 3pq2 + q3 Once again, this argument can take place independent of a geometric interpretation, but nonetheless it is useful to give one.

Nh-»: pt-K5u> 90 14 tn i f •' ujp "0^^" Sui-tn— Ap What about the fourth dimension? In a purely formal way, the algebraic pattern suggests that if some four-dimensional artisan constructed a hyperpyramid with height x and a cubical base with edges of length a, then its four-dimensional volume would be x(i3/4. D lC"u4^^^^I 2. 01 n JZOITn P t - K : u» Uip Km km 7 t • A ZOlm nn_9 . nn9x ' w ^ ^ I nn9^ h« n \ 4 04, n 33Ai "i t-bt - Jhiuujp 5p 0*1 ™ p» 11 -- hh ;, 10w 041 Ttn nnn yi nnn /tf ' "'nnn^ nnn 3 31 m T) ="•!

6. 6. and 2 vertices. Finally, if a hypercuhe comes through vertex first, we start with a single vertex, which expands to form a small triangular pyramid. This tetrahedron expands until it reaches a level con- Slices of thi« hypercuhe starlini; with a square SLICING AND CONTOURS Slices of the hypercube starting with an edge. taining 4 vertices of the hypercube. Then it experiences truncation as the corners of the tetrahedron are cut off, and three-eighths of the way through, the slice is a solid figure having four equilateral triangles and four regular hexagons as faces.

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Beyond the Third Dimension: Geometry, Computer Graphics, and Higher Dimensions by Thomas F. Banchoff

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