Download e-book for kindle: Berenstain Bears and the Mansion Mystery by Stan Berenstain

By Stan Berenstain

When girl Grizzly’s invaluable antiques move lacking, the endure Detectives are at the case!

whilst Papa undergo is invited to Grizzly Mansion to speak company with Squire Grizzly, the richest undergo in undergo kingdom, Brother and Sister undergo beg to come back alongside. The butler solutions the door, saying the coming of Papa, Brother, Sister, and the cubs’ vacationing cousin, Freddy. The disappearance of girl Grizzly’s precious antiques quickly throws the loved ones into chaos. Papa, who thinks he’s knowledgeable on every little thing, vows to unravel the case with the help of Freddy’s sniffer hound, Snuff. however the largest vanishing act is but to come back. Can the undergo kin remedy the case and repair concord to Grizzly Mansion?

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