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The fundamentals of Chishona, the main largely spoken type of Shona, are taught the following in 12 finished classes. every one lesson encompasses a perform discussion, vocabulary, grammar reasons, and overview workouts.

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I eat bread every day. Infinitive Verbs The infinitive of the verb is marked by ku-, for example, kudya = to eat. g. Ndi + no + dy + a Ndinodya Unodya Anodya I eat You eat He / She eats LESSON ONE Tinodya Munodya Vanodya M) We eat You eat They eat Formation of the negative present tense The formation of the negative differs from one verb tense to another. In the present tense, ha- is the negative marker and the -a verb stem ending changes to -i. The -i verb stem ending occurs with the negative of some tenses, but not all.

Clouds ... rain ... lightning ... wind BEGINNER'S SHONA 52 EXERCISES I. Complete the following sentences. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Ndi muAmerican. Ti vadzidzi. Mabhazi anowanikwa Ku mhepo here? Ndino Shona. II. Translate. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. May I ask? Yes. You may ask. Thank you very much. All right. You are welcome. III. Give the negative forms of the following words. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 'l LESSON TWO IV. Complete the following table. Verb Imperative Singular Imperative Plural bvunza taura -dya famba mira Meaning Ask.

CHIPO: YOU are ask. I get there? welcome. 46 BEGINNER'S SHONA VOCABULARY bvunzai chaizvo endai here hongu ikoko iri kubvunza kuenda kupi kurasika kurudyi kutenda kutsvaga kuwana kuwanikwa kuZengeza mabhazi muna ndinosvika ndiri nemugwagwa paCharge Office pamunosvika pamusoroi paunogumira Robson Manyika Avenue sei? uyu zvenyu ask (-/ "you" plural or honorific) very much you go (interrogative marker) yes there it is to ask to go where to get lost to the right to thank to look for to find to be found to Zengeza (place name) buses along I get lam along the road at the Charge Office when you get excuse me to the end (street name) how?

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