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By DK Publishing

Perfect for early formative years improvement, chuffed infants, giggling infants, foolish infants and crying infants are discovered at the pages of this padded board book.

Look in any respect the candy child faces exhibiting that they're chuffed, unhappy, sleepy, and extra. Your child could make an identical expressions to aid realize universal expressions. This sturdy little ebook is bound to pique baby's interest.

With brilliant colourful images and easy be aware labels that catch the expressions and moods of infants all through their busy days, Baby Faces will mesmerize young ones once they see different young ones similar to them.

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You can'tkjll them Soon they'll comefor me Alrd for you too, unlessyou do somethingPerhapsyou canbeatLhem,the Mandrakes. Takingour places'HerwordsLumbleout in a repetilive, almosfinsanebabbleThenshestops. I am Ennian,the BurgomeisterAh, I see you've been forced to lisLento the ramblingsof the town idiot The old fool's bcen hopelesslyinsanefor years' You look back towardsthe wretchedwoman. Seeingfhe doubt growing in your €y€s,shegasps,'A mirror do you havcr ninor? lf you hrvc r rrinor. tum to j62 If you do not, turn to r74.

AIter all, ie didn't seem to be evill You feel sure that your ururatural dizziness was a part of what'sgoing on here. Will -YOU: Searchthe sile Try to destroy the skeleton? Leavethe campat onceandcontinue your journey? 61 Reluctanllyyou puLsomeof the junk into your mouth - and tumediaLelyspit it out. Suddenly,a fork of lightning cutsdown throughthe darknessand blasLsa hee right in front of you You takeanotherpath . but 6nd your way biockedby anolherfork of lightning,and another and anotherl You nrn, but no matter whlch way you Lum,you come closeLo being rncrnerated.

T2 You take a deepbreath and then start running towards the gate. lf you succeed,you make the jump and headtowardsthe EastGate (tum to ,or). If you fail,deduclr point from your srrvtu for bounchg off the hard gate;it is [oo high for you. You will now haveto faceany guardswho havecomeafteryou (turnto 2o), aLonSthe narrowpassage )J Beforeyou know it, you are envelopedin a cloying mistwhichsendsyou into a deepsleep;tum to rE6. the wretch. SMEGG SKILL8 STAMTNA J If youwin,tum to 7r. Accordingto the hard-outyou iound,lhe circtrshadbeentherefor the sameperiod t4 Your smile tums into a look of mute disbeliefas the die suddmly flips over: your roll has become a r.

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