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By A.E. Adams

ISBN-10: 0582301181

ISBN-13: 9780582301184

Offers a really transparent consultant to sedimentary rock kinds as noticeable less than the microscope supported via sensible features of slide education.

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60mu161: Coal Measures. Lancashire. En111and: magnific­ tllion x 14:60 PPL. 61 XP/,. Terrigenous claslic rocks Terrigenous clastic rocks 62, 63, 64 Greywackes Greywackes are t hose sandstones containing more than 15°,'o fine-grained matrix. Their classification is shown in Fig. C (see p. 24). 62 and 63 show a typical greywacke, b eing poorly­ sorted and containing abundant tine-grained matrix (almol>t opaque in the view taken with plane-polarised light). The fragments are predominantly monocrystalline and polycrystalline quartz grains, but a small percentage of rock fragments (cloudy particles of fine-grained material) make this a lithic grcywacke.

94 shows two large shell fragments with a thick inner prismatic layer. One is below the centre of the field of view, lying parallel to the bottom of the photograph, the other is near the left-hand edge. The sediment also contains brachiopod fragments with the more normal, foliated structure in a matrix of fine sparite, probably of neomorphic origin (see p. 60) containing grey-coloured crystals of replacement dolomite. Some pseudopunctate brachiopods possess hollow spines. 95 shows transverse sections through several spines.

38). 122 shows a thin section of the same specimen as that illustrated in 121. The laminations consist of alternating thin micritic layers and layers containing a mixture of micrite and sparitc. In some areas th e micrite has a vaguely pcllctcd structure which is eh�tractcristic of stromatolites. The more irregular micrite

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