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By Angie Sage

ISBN-10: 0060774924

ISBN-13: 9780060774929

What is lurking within the basement? Araminta thinks whatever terrible is hiding within the deep, hidden passages of Spookie House—could it's a werewolf? Then Max, Uncle Drac's creepy nephew, arrives and Araminta is certain he is as much as no stable. Araminta comes up with a plan to determine what Max is up to—and additionally to seize the werewolf. yet will it paintings?

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Oops, sorry. Clumsy me,” Brenda trilled rather nervously. She started pouring the tea, and I went and sat down at the end of the -58- table. Wanda came and sat next to me, then she leaned over and said right in my ear, “It will be nice to have Maximilian staying with us, won’t it, Araminta? The Saturday bedroom is my favorite bedroom. “It will be such fun,” said Wanda, who had obviously not noticed that I most definitely did not think it would be anything like fun. “We can sleep in our Friday bedroom on Saturday, too.

This was getting better and better. Everyone had vaporized! -5- MAX DRAC I t was very disappointing. No one had vaporized at all. Uncle Drac and I found them all sitting at the long table in the thirdkitchen-on-the-right-just-around-the-cornerpast-the-boiler-room. Brenda and Wanda had managed to crawl out from underneath the table, and Wanda was helping to pour the hot water into Brenda’s biggest teapot—which is about the size of a bucket. -52- The whole kitchen smelled of wet wool— Uncle Drac’s mother, the weird little kid, and the almost grown-up girl were sitting at the table, steaming quietly as their thick black clothes began to dry off.

It ran down the silent people’s faces and dripped off the ends of their noses. Suddenly Aunt Tabby woke up. She shook herself and yelled in a kind of panicky voice, “Drac! Drac! ” Wow! I had no idea that Uncle Drac had a mother. I did not think that Aunt Tabby was being very polite, as she always says you should not yell for someone, you should go and find them and ask them nicely, Araminta. And also she had not even asked the visitors in, and one of them was her mother-in-law, which meant that she was my great-aunt, so I decided to be polite and show Aunt Tabby what you should do.

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