Antony and Cleopatra (Webster's Thesaurus Edition) by William Shakespeare PDF

By William Shakespeare

ISBN-10: 0497253372

ISBN-13: 9780497253370

There are lots of versions of Antony and Cleopatra. This academic variation used to be created for self-improvement or in instruction for complicated examinations. the ground of every web page is annotated with a mini-thesaurus of unusual phrases highlighted within the textual content, together with synonyms and antonyms. Designed for faculty districts, educators, and scholars trying to maximize functionality on standardized checks, Webster’s paperbacks benefit from the truth that classics are usually assigned readings. A operating word list on the backside of every web page comes in handy to scholars who're actively construction their vocabularies in anticipation of taking PSAT®, SAT®, AP® (Advanced Placement®), GRE®, LSAT®, GMAT® or related examinations. This variation exposes the reader to a greatest variety of “difficult, and infrequently encountered” phrases in examinations. instead of provide a unmarried synonym, many are supplied for various meanings, permitting readers to higher clutch the paradox of the English language, and stay away from utilizing the notes as a natural crutch. Having the reader decipher a word’s that means inside of context serves to enhance vocabulary retention and figuring out. every one web page covers phrases now not already highlighted on past pages. PSAT® is a registered trademark of the varsity front exam Board and the nationwide advantage Scholarship company neither of which sponsors or endorses this e-book; SAT® is a registered trademark of the school Board which neither sponsors nor endorses this ebook; GRE®, AP® and complicated Placement® are registered emblems of the tutorial checking out provider which neither sponsors nor endorses this booklet, GMAT® is a registered trademark of the Graduate administration Admissions Council that's neither affiliated with this publication nor endorses this ebook, LSAT® is a registered trademark of the legislations tuition Admissions Council which neither sponsors nor endorses this product. All rights reserved.

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ANTONYMS: (adv) badly, feces, quarter, dope, dirt, inside dishonorably. % AGRIPPA. O, rare for Antony! ENOBARBUS. Her gentlewomen, like the Nereids, So many mermaids, tended her i' the eyes, And made their bends adornings: at the helm A seeming mermaid steers: the silken tackle Swell with the touches of those flower-soft hands That yarely frame the office. From the barge A strange invisible perfume hits the sense Of the adjacent wharfs. The city cast Her people out upon her; and Antony, Enthron'd i' the market-place, did sit alone, Whistling to the air; which, but for vacancy, Had gone to gaze on Cleopatra too, And made a gap in nature.

Frivolous, paltry, puny, negligible, entertained: (adj) diverted, pleased. light, mean, minute, exiguous. ANTONYMS: (adj) important, serious, generous, profound, significant, expansive, crucial, considerable, broadminded, enormous. twice: (adv) doubly, bis, two times, in two ways, once more; (adj) twenty. went: (v) walked, proceeded. widow: (n) woman, relict, widower, adult female, widow woman, war widow, nobbled line; (adj) widowed, additional; (v) leave behind. 36 Antony and Cleopatra SCENE II.

Thesaurus alone: (adj) forlorn, individual, lonely, lonesome; (adj, adv) only, apart; (adv) solely, entirely, exclusively, separately, individually. ANTONYMS: (adj) overshadowed, ordinary, mobbed, equaled, crowded, accompanied, common, grouped, surpassed; (adv) jointly; (n) foe. billiards: (n) billa, pingpong, pyramids, pool, bagatelle. conceive: (v) think, imagine, comprehend, design, apprehend, realize, discover, cogitate, appreciate, trip, passage, voyage. ANTONYM: invent, catch. ANTONYMS: (v) (v) settle.

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