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By Daan Lenstra, Willem van Haeringen (auth.), Willem van Haeringen, Daan Lenstra (eds.)

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This e-book provides an account of a couple of fresh advancements in assorted subfields of study, optics and micro--electronics. The prime precept in featuring them jointly in a single publication is the remarkable similarity among quite a few notions in those learn components. We point out during this recognize tunneling, quantum interference and localization, that are very important recommendations in quantummechanics and extra particularly in condensed subject physics. Miniaturization in reliable kingdom engineering has resulted in new phenomena during which those thoughts play their major roles. because it is the wave personality of electrons that's strongly emphasised in those phenomena one's consciousness is sort of certainly directed to the sphere of optics within which the above quantum-mechanical notions all appear to have their direct classical wavemechanical opposite numbers. either micro--electronics and optics were and nonetheless are in a method of intensifying task. the probabilities to technically "translate" units constructed inside of one learn box to comparable units within the different box are strongly expanding. This opens, between different issues, a door resulting in "quantummechanics" on a macroscopic scale with seen gentle below rather simply available experimental stipulations, or to "wave optics II within the area of sturdy country physics. considering by way of analogies is necessary anyways, however it is principally the cross-fertilization among optics and micro--electronics which in accordance with the editors will result in deepened insights and a brand new form of technology.

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Particularly simple special cases are treated in Secs. 7 and 8. Ref. [5] contains a first short report on this work. Results for a special case of the random potential 49 w. van Haeringen and D. ). Analogies in Optics and Micro Electronics. 49-68. © 1990 Kluwer Academic Publishers. 50 P. ERDOS AND Z. DOMANSKI here studied were obtained in [6]. A discussion follows in Sec. 9. 2. THE AVERAGE NUMBER OF STATES Consider the SchrOdinger equation for a particle of mass m moving in the interval (O,L) under the influence of an arbitrary time-independent potential U(x), subject to the usual regularity requirements, - ~~ 7jJ"(x)+[U(x)-E17jJ(x) = 0, 7jJ(0) = 7jJ(L) = 0.

This important conclusion results from the fact that any incident wave determines uniquely the wave solution of (1) in the random medium. This wave solution acts like an agent for transfering the information contained in the incident wave. The incident wavefront selects the particular wave WHAT TO EXPECT FROM SIMILARITIES 29 solution in the medium and acts as a boundary condition. Any small change in the initial wave front will result in a small change in the wave solution and consequently a change in the wave front of the transmitted wave.

Xi-2,Xi-l) (16) and will be Vm+l with probability Pm,m+l; with probability Pm,m; Vm- 1 with probability Pm,m-1Vm (17) P. ERD6s AND Z. M = o. m-l = 1, m=-M, ... ,M. (19) The random potential so defined represents an x-homogeneous Markov chain, and if the steps Vm are represented as points on a line, the process is isomorphous to a random walk in one dimension with reflecting barriers (at VM and V-M). g. [11]. We recall, that x-homogeneity means that the transition probabilities P1D{1 are x-independent, and the Markov property si~nifies that the probability r(Xi, VntI of V(Xi) = Vm depends only on the value of V(Xi-l), but not on the values of V(X) at preceding points.

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