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Males who possibility their lives . . . and their hearts. THE undesirable man Regina Foxworth has no clue why an unknown assailant is out to get a small-town reporter like her. Or why the police will not take her issues heavily. So Regina will get a shield puppy -- make four-pound "guard" Chihuahua! -- and indicators up for self-defense sessions. yet protecting herself isn't really on her brain while horny teacher Riley Moore has her pinned to the mat. the nice man With Regina weak underneath him on his fitness center ground, Riley breaks out in a possessive sweat. He wishes her, yet first he has to guard her. She wishes greater than her "don't-muss-myhair" sort of safeguard and that ridiculous so referred to as puppy. Riley is ex-SWAT -- and his new existence as an explanation tech hasn't softened his deadly education one bit. yet Regina is not rather the princess she turns out, and she's approximately to capture him off shield!

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Even half-asleep, she grinned as he raced up to her, gripped the edge of her pillowcase in his teeth, and began tugging. " It was a sorry truth, but she wasn't a morning person. She'd tried over the years to become one, only because it seemed like the thing to do. Good, honest people went to bed at a decent hour and rose early to begin their day. They didn't lie around for hours, being lazy. Well, she was decent and honest, but she just couldn't force herself to be alert first thing. It took her at least two hours and a pot of coffee to get her head together.

Even without a mirror, she knew that her eyes were puffy and still heavy from sleep. " This was ridiculous. Half her neighbors would hear him if she didn't do something quick. She flipped on the entry light, turned the locks and cracked the door open. " she said in a harsh whisper. " "You can come in, but I mean it, don't you dare even think to look at me. " "All right, honey, calm down. " She could hear the laughter in his tone. "The door is unlocked, so just give me thirty seconds to—" Behind her, the shattering of glass disturbed the early morning quiet.

Why indeed? Any problems with the people you work with? " The careful way she masked her expression told him he'd hit a nerve. " She folded her hands in her lap. "There was one guy who was pretty persistent in trying to get me to go out with him. " "Partially. He started showing up at my place at odd hours, watching me all the time. But he wasn't a threat, just a pest. Mostly I left because I thought I might be safer here. I hate to admit to being a coward, but I got spooked. " "—and when that man slugged me, that was more than enough for me.

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