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By Harry G. Shaffer

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ISBN-10: 0275966585

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This e-book is an excellent advent to capitalism for the lay reader. Shaffer's sort is extremely readable, funny and nentertaining. He covers a vast diversity of subject matters, elevating provocative questions about how concerned govt might be in such things as wellbeing and fitness care and schooling.

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Nor is it difficult to understand why throughout history and in spite of all efforts, governments in capitalist countries have been unable to remedy the situation—unable, in other words, to eliminate periodic unemployment and inflation or such other corollaries of cyclical fluctuations as widespread business failures or huge deficits. ‘‘Supply-side economics’’ that would make the rich richer in the hope that some of it would trickle down to the poorer (some like to call it ‘‘feeding the horse so that the sparrows may eat’’) has proven disastrous for the welfare of the great majority, as not only the unskilled and semiskilled, the sick, the unemployed, and the destitute, but even our farmers and a great number of small business owners discovered in the 1980s.

There were so many oranges on the trees in California and in Florida that nobody took the trouble to pick them; but in the cities, hungry children were suffering from vitamin deficiencies. There was so much coffee in coffee-producing countries that in Brazil it was actually, literally used as a fuel for locomotives; but in the streets of Chicago and New York grown men were begging for a nickel for a cup of coffee. What had gone wrong? No indeed, there was no lack of physical and technical ability to produce the goods our people needed; there was nothing wrong with our productive capacity.

Debtors may welcome it since they can pay off their debts with cheaper, easier-to-come-by dollars, but creditors don’t appreciate it when they get their loans repaid in dollars of decreased purchasing power; hence, in times of rising prices, they are likely to adjust the interest rates they charge accordingly. Inflation is highly detrimental to people on fixed incomes such as retirees who receive the same dollar amounts each month from their pensions or annuities, no matter how high price levels happen to be.

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