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By Edgar L. Edwards

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The theme is certainly not new, and clearly it will provoke an argument from many teachers of mathematics in the secondary schools of the United States. An assumption of this publication is that the goal of "algebra for everyone" is both worthy and obtainable provided that we appropriately define just what comprises a desirable curriculum in algebra. Many high school teachers argue that more students could be successful if we reduce the demands in the traditional algebra course and, perhaps, stretch the content over a period of two or even three years.

A teacher with high expectations makes every minute count for leaming, with students kept on task from opening bell to closing bell (Johnson 1982). A teacher with high expectations creates a nonthreatening leamin g environment in which students are encouraged to ask questions and take risks. Students should have opportunities to talk to each other about mathematics in small groups. They may be afraid to ask questions and appear stupid in front of a full class of their peers, but they are more willing to open up in small groups.

Pucing Is it a compromise to talk about all students getting to algebra, but at different times? " This chapter argues that we do not. We surely do not believe that all students can obtain the same level of understanding of all mathematics. The strong argument presented here is that all students should complete, with success, the content of algebra. Some students will understand with greater meaning than others, and some students will need more time for the preparation for success in algebra. The claim is that consideration of pacing is crucial to reaching that goal.

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