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V → v is valid for M and ρ if vρ → v ρ in M. v → v is valid for M and ρ if vρ →C v ρ in M. wf(A) is valid for M and ρ if Aρ is wellformed in M. (iii) A sequent is a proof judgment of the form Γ ∆, where Γ and ∆ are sets of assertions. (iv) Sequent Γ ∆ is valid if, for all program models M and environments ρ, whenever all assertions in Γ are valid for M and ρ then also some assertion in ∆ is valid for M and ρ. 22 Gilles Barthe, Dilian Gurov, and Marieke Huisman Note that wellformedness of program states does not lift to program-state terms in a way which can be captured purely syntactically, and therefore has to be dealt with explicitly in the proof system.

In G. Berry, H. Comon, and A. Finkel, editors, Proceedings of CAV’01, number 2102 in LNCS, pages 265–285. Springer, 2001. 14. X. Leroy. On-card bytecode verification for JavaCard. In I. Attali and T. Jensen, editors, Smart Card Programming and Security (E-Smart 2001), number 2140 in LNCS, pages 150–164. Springer, 2001. 15. S. Owre, J. Rushby, N. Shankar, and F von Henke. Formal verification for faulttolerant architectures: Prolegomena to the design of PVS. IEEE Transactions on Software Engineering, 21(2):107–125, 1995.

V2 . [v1 call v2 ] X ∧ [v1 call? v2 ] X ∧ [v1 call! v2 ] X ∧ [v1 ret v2 ] X ∧ [v1 ret? v2 ] X ∧ [v1 ret! e. from the point of Compositional Verification of Secure Applet Interactions 21 invocation to the point of return. For these purposes we propose the following pattern: ∆ Within v φ = ∀v1 . [v1 call v] Always−ret v1 φ ∧ [v1 call? v] Always−ret! v1 φ where Always−λ v φ is defined as Always φ, but with the corresponding conjunct [v1 λ v2 ] X replaced by [v1 λ v2 ] ((v2 = v) ∨ X). In the example of Section 6 we also use the abbreviations: ∆ CallsExtOnly V = ∀v1 .

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