Download PDF by Oberon Zell-Ravenheart, Ash Dekirk: A Wizard's Bestiary: A Menagerie of Myth, Magic, and Mystery

By Oberon Zell-Ravenheart, Ash Dekirk

ISBN-10: 1564149560

ISBN-13: 9781564149565

Unusual beasts of all types have crawled, run, swam, and flown via humanitys mind's eye and tourists stories because the sunrise of time. From Gryphons and Unicorns, to Dragons, Mermaids, or even weirder and fantastical animals, A Wizards Bestiary takes you on a paranormal trip throughout the a long time and world wide, to find elusive creatures of fantasy and legend. pay attention - the following be Monsters!
The first part lists over 1,000 really good creatures from each land in an encyclopedic, alphabetical word list layout, from Aatxe to Zyphoeus. each one access incorporates a small representation, in addition to cross-references to different comparable beasts.
Next, the authors current extra in-depth positive aspects on a few of extra fascinating of those mythical beasts, resembling the ocean Serpent and the Man-Eating Tree of Madagascar. historical past, myths, and legends of every creature are offered, with specific emphasis on picking real-life origins of legendary creatures in real dwelling animals, reminiscent of the hyperlink among the Kraken and the enormous squid. This part is split into those categories:
* Creepers
* Walkers
* Swimmers
* Flyers
* Demi-Humans
* Animate Plants
Expanded cryptozoological entries comprise the Loch Ness Monster, Bigfoot, Mokele-Mbembe, El Chupacabra, Mothman, and different secret monsters said by way of eyewitnesses yet no longer but proven by way of science.
They are grouped into the next categories:
* Primates and Hominids
* Bipedal Monsters
* Carnivorous Mammals
* Herbivorous Mammals
* Sea Serpents and Lake Monsters
* Birds
* Reptiles
* Amphibians
* residing Dinosaurs
* secret Monsters
A Wizards Bestiary is profusely illustrated with outdated woodcuts, engravings, and different photographs from historic resources, in addition to interpretations via smooth artists, together with the authors. No different bestiary has been so well-illustrated! Hand-drawn medieval-style maps by way of Oberon Zell-Ravenheart convey purported locales of alternative beasts on all continents and seas.

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Echidna—The “Mother of Monsters” in Greek mythology. Daughter of Gaea and Tartarus, she was a beautiful woman from the waist up, but her lower body was that of a monstrous snake with speckled skin. By her Titan husband Typhon, she bore children that were equally horrible: Cerberus, Orthus, the Hydra, the Harpies, the Chimaera, and the vulture that ate Prometheus’ liv- lers”)—The great cosmic stag of Norse myth that stands on the roof of Valhalla and browses the vast World Tree, Yggdrasil. Emela-Ntouka (Lingala, “Killer of Elephants”; also Chipekwe, Groot Slang)—A large, amphibious creature said to dwell in the Likouala swamps of the Congo, in Lake Banweolo, Cameroons, and in other swamps of the West African coast.

Traditionally, Charybdis has been located in the Strait of Messina off the coast of Sicily, opposite a rock called Scylla. But the whirlpool there is seldom dangerous, and scholars have recently suggested that a more likely location would be near Cape Skilla in northwest Greece. There are also families of crabs and butterflies called Charybdis. See Cìrein Cròin. Cheeroonear—These predatory creatures of Australian legend hunt and devour humans. They walk upright, trailing extremely long arms along the ground, and have canine heads.

It is said to be born from a cock’s egg, hatched by a toad. Similar to the Basilisk, its only foe is the weasel. Both Cockatrice and Basilisk derive from the Egyptian Spitting Cobra (Naja nigricollis), which sprays poison from its fangs with great accuracy into the eyes of its victims. A popular heraldic beast, its name was later applied to a venomous lizard of Armenia, and a huge brass cannon of Tudor times. Cock-Fish—A heraldic monster with the head, wings, and clawed feet of a rooster, and the tail of a fish.

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