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5, ‘Answer a fool according to his folly, lest he be wise in his own conceit’—in proportion to his folly, lest he be wise in his own opinion. ) . Perhaps rather a proverbial saying than a (C. 19–20) cliché. Recorded ca. 1780 in Apperson. A dictionary of clichés A-Z 15 apostle of culture, an . One who, missionary-like, does much—and does it very ably—to spread culture: from ca. 1870. There was originally an allusion to Matthew Arnold, whose Culture and Anarchy appeared in 1859. appeal from Philip drunk to Philip sober, to .

From astrology. blessed word ‘Mesopotamia’, the . A magic word: from ca. 1870. (See esp. ) It owes much of its charm and potency to its sonority. *blessing in disguise, a . ) from misfortune: from ca. 1890. *blind leading the blind, the . A cliché formed from the proverb, ‘when the blind leads the blind, both fall into the ditch’, dating from C. 16 and adumbrated in Luke, vi. 39, as a parable (Apperson, English Proverbs). A dictionary of Clichés 42 blissful ignorance was generated by ‘Where ignorance is bliss, ‘tis folly to be wise’ (Gray’s Ode on Eton College, 1747): mid C.

20. *axe to grind, an ; esp. to have no…, to be disinterested. Recorded in 1811, it became a cliché in mid C. 19. A dictionary of clichés A-Z 27 B back the wrong horse, to (colloquial) . To support the wrong cause, uphold the wrong man: from ca. 1860. back to the wall ; esp. to have one’s back to the wall or stand with one’s… C. 19–20, but especially since Haig’s famous backs to the wall order of 1918. *bag and baggage . With all one’s impedimenta: 1552, Huloet; it became a stock phrase in C. 18.

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