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By J. R. Clark-Hall

Если Вы знаете английский, то с помощью это краткого словаря, который кстати достаточно объемный, можно прочесть в оригинале, например, Беовульфа или другое англосаксонское произведение. Очень полезно для филологов и не только.

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Dwindle: (v) abate, diminish, decline, contribute, donate, apply, award; (adj, v) accord, allow, present. decrease, contract, recede, fade, fall, ANTONYMS: (v) deprive, refuse, lessen, reduce, wane. ANTONYMS: (v) mushroom, accumulate, enlarge, withhold, retrieve, withdraw. chirography: (n) pencraft, calligraphy, expand, extend, grow, strengthen, autography, handwriting, rise. engrossed: (adj) rapt, engaged, intent, penmanship, hand, writing, book, authorship. occupied, preoccupied, busy, decipherable: (adj) legible, clear, fascinated, obsessed, thoughtful, hooked; (adj, v) immersed.

Perish: (v) expire, pass away, decease, assertory; (n) confirmation. garb: (n, v) dress, apparel, array, go, fade, decay, depart, fall, pass, authenticated: (adj) genuine, true, real, garment; (n) attire, clothing, costume, ruin, annihilate. ANTONYMS: (v) frock, outfit, clothes; (v) clothe. valid, authentic, official, legal, survive, live, appear. groundwork: (n) bottom, basis, base, personage: (n) person, notable, documented, authoritative, legitimate. foundation, bed, ground, footing, celebrity, personality, individual, doings: (n) conduct, behavior, bedrock, fundament, background, bigwig, figure, somebody, human, behaviour, deportment, demeanour, substructure.

They probably fancied that my sole object--and, indeed, the sole object for which a sane man could ever put himself into voluntary motion--was to get an appetite for dinner. And, to say the truth, an appetite, sharpened by the east wind that generally blew along the passage, was the only valuable result of so much indefatigable exercise. So little adapted is the atmosphere of a Custom-house to the delicate harvest of fancy and sensibility, that, had I remained there through ten Presidencies yet to come, I doubt whether the tale of "The Scarlet Letter" would ever have been brought before the public eye.

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