New PDF release: 7 Days To A Housetrained Dog

By Charles R. Heflin

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Today you will have more time for yourself because you are going to use the crate for longer durations. Besides that, you have something to look forward to because you are weaving in the walks in the daily schedule of your dog—so c’mon get your dog out of the crate and head to the elimination spot! T Th hee M Mo orrn niin ng gW Waallkk Take your dog to the elimination spot right away. In the morning time, it’s a good idea to hold your pup and take him there. Firstly, because you have moved the crate to your bedroom so the route would be different and secondly because he might not be able to hurry up and hold on to his water at the same time.

Practice 57 the ‘sit’ command and make it as enjoyable as a game of ball. Then switch to the ball or a game of fetch. Bring him indoors but again via the potty spot. Take his leash off and let him sit near the crate but don’t put him inside—after all he has to sleep in it all night. Let him hang around with his new pack. You can either leave him with a couple of toys or have your kids roll him the ball and generally engage him in some more activity. Give him a drink of water because you will have to stop his water intake at 6 pm.

Be firm, say ‘outside’ and lead him to the spot. Once there, use the command words, ‘Potty time’. Praise him when he follows you. ) and don’t let go of the leash. Once he does his job, praise him and walk him out of the elimination spot and out for a little surprise walk. Please be careful to make sure it is not strenuous or away from the house because puppies can catch infections very easily and you need to wait for a while before you can venture out of the house and the yard. Make it a short walk around the flowerbeds or a little stroll in the balcony if you live in an apartment.

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