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ETAPS 2006 was once the 9th example of the eu Joint meetings on conception and perform of software program. ETAPS is an annual federated convention that used to be tested in 1998 by way of combining a couple of present and new meetings. This yr it comprised ? ve meetings (CC, ESOP, FASE, FOSSACS, TACAS), 18 satellite tv for pc workshops (AC- CAT, AVIS, CMCS, COCV, DCC, EAAI, FESCA, FRCSS, GT-VMT, LDTA, MBT, QAPL, SC, SLAP, SPIN, TERMGRAPH, WITS and WRLA), tutorials, and 7 invited lectures (not together with those who have been speci?

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Contemporary significant developments in latest complicated and aggressive excessive expertise worldwide society have underscored the significance for a textbook on strategic know-how administration. the 1st is the will of significant international enterprises and excessive expertise corporations to rent graduates who're in a position to comprehend engineering and technology, and make sound strategic enterprise judgements.

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36 F RAMEWORK • Basic types: Elementary types that cannot be further subdivided. , the integer and string type. EXPRESS offers multiple capabilities for defining entity and type properties. From an information modelling viewpoint a property may be expressed using combinations of the constructs below. • Attribute: represents an aspect of an entity. EXPRESS provides the capability to define mandatory, optional and derived (attribute value is calculated using a formal expression) attributes. • Inheritance relationships: The specialisation/generalisation relationship between entities.

Database queries are performed against the global schema or a federated schema. 2n schema mappings have to be performed to integrate n schemas. This approach is based on the assumption that schema heterogeneity can be identified and resolved in a global schema or a set of federated schemas through analysis of component databases schemas. There is an implicit assumption that the component databases are stable and that changes that impact on the structure on the global or federated schema(s) are infrequent.

1: Mapping function classes 26 Name Description Equality A class for the mapping functions whose application results in equivalent semantic in the source and sink schema. Restriction A class for the mapping functions whose application results in a semantic in the sink schema that is more specific than the original semantics. 1: Mapping function classes Name Description Generalisation A class for the mapping functions whose application results in a semantic in a sink schema that is more general than the original semantics.

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